Buying a business can be a challenging process with many factors to consider. To help you become better prepared to buy your own business, Thompson Rivers University in partnership with key industry stakeholders  have gathered information and developed a series of case studies and learning activities, and put them all together into a trio of Buyer section modules.

Please, feel free to work through the Buyers section at your own pace. We recommend that you follow the order of the material as it is presented; however, you are free to jump to other sections of this resource if there are certain areas of more interest to you.

The buyer’s case study provides excellent examples of the ups and downs of business succession and provide valuable insight for overcoming barriers. You can also access this resource at any time from top menu.

The Buyer’s section of the resource contains three complementary modules and case study. You will see some overlap between the Buyer and Seller sections; however, each trio of modules is specifically targeted to its own audience.

Buyer Modules

If you would prefer to view the Buyer material offline you can download a copy in PDF format.

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