Supervisory & Leadership Skills


Image Credit: We Are Social. (31 July 2013). Brainstorming session in the park with the a-team Tilly & Taylor. Retrieved from CC-BY-2.0, via Flickr

During the Non-Disclosure period, the buyer may wish to interview key personnel to determine their expectations of the buyer after the sale. The buyer will be able to inquire what skills the key employee has and if there is a backup person trained in case of sickness or vacation.

Annual performance reviews are a sign of a healthy human resources program. The reviews need to be backward looking as well as forward looking. Where training is anticipated, the cost should be included in annual plans. As the buyer solidifies the vision of the future business,  training objectives need to be incorporated and funded.

Activity: Supervisory and Leadership Skills

This activity will help you to develop some standard questions for each of your staff interviews.