Recap of Documents for the Buyer

William Iven. (n.d.) Retrieved from Creative Commons Zero

William Iven. (n.d.) Retrieved from Creative Commons Zero

Documents for the buyer

  1. Outline of the Business
  2. Organization Chart
  3. Reason for selling

Documents for the buyer after a Non-Disclosure Agreement is in place:

  1. Market Share assessment
  2. Financial Statements – 5 years
  3. Income tax returns – 5 years
  4. Name of Professional Accountant
  5. Contracts – Leased property
  6. Bank Loans, Collateral and Bank Manager contact
  7. Major Assets Original Cost and Book Value at previous year-end
  8. Capital Reinvestment – recent 5 years
  9. Capital Plan for next year
  10. Inventories owned
  11. Inventories on consignment
  12. Customer List, credit terms, repeat customers
  13. Insurance coverage, agent name, recent claim experience
  14. Property Taxes, assessment notice
  15. Professional Evaluation report, name of broker
  16. List of “key” employees, position, responsibilities, wages, bonus programs
  17. List of other employees, position, responsibilities, wages, expertise, years of service, promotions
  18. Employee training programs sponsored by employer
  19. Annual evaluation program and related expectation for wage increases
  20. Methodology to determine the selling price range